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  • Opened: October 15, 2012
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    11.13.12 Working on a new layout!
    10.23.12 New Affiliates
    10.23.12 Yongguk Layout
    10.23.12 IU Wallpaper
    10.23.12 Yongguk Wallpaper
    10.23.12 2 Yongguk PNGs
    Hugs and Kisses

    Hello~ I'm back with lots of updates!

    You've probably already noticed the revamped index page. I added a box for quick updates where you can easily see and click the newest resources available in the site. And I've finally found a place for that lost counter at the bottom of Bang & Zelo. It now has its place in the info box in the middle.   

    And the unbelievable just happened! I have been featured in AwaitingLove as one of their top three sites for October!!!!! If you could have just seen me spazzing Chazzie! Lol. I was really happy when I found out. Yessir! I'm one of a kind!

    New Affies & Link Exchange

    • SHINPANDA: I've become affiliates with Chazzie! Check out her site, ShinPanda! Such a cute name, isn't it? You can choose from her large collection of K-pop renders/PNG and make editing such a breeze. Personally, I really love using her PNGs. You could see them everywhere on this site, like in the wallpapers section. 
    • I <3 ADORE: Lucien from I ♥ Adore has agreed to exchange links with me!  I personally love her layout designs, they've got such vivid colors and are very cool.
    • ANGELIC DREAMS: The site is owned by x--tenshii. Everything's minimalistic which is what I like about the site, and her banner also cause it's moving! Check out her resource of fonts, they're all very cute.
    • SELINABABYLOVE: Lastly, a site by selinababylove

    For the rest of the resources, you could check out the updates box at the upper right corner. I've added about four new PNGs, two wallpapers and one layout. 

    Thank you for visiting my site! Hope you'd come back ^.^

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